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Creative D3xm

Smart Modular Wireless Speaker


Smart modular wireless speaker for smaller rooms

The Creative D3xm Signature Series belongs to the family of smart modular wireless speakers that performs room calibration with a little help from the Creative Central mobile app. With wireless modularity, you have the freedom to upgrade at any time, by linking additional units wirelessly for wider stereo, or adding a subwoofer for added bass. Built for smaller rooms, the speaker's room calibration feature makes appropriate adjustments to accommodate your room's acoustic profile, giving you the best audio performance possible!

Making all this a cinch is Creative Central, a free and downloadable app that not only helps you in your modular speaker setup for a fuss-free wireless upgrade experience, it lets you perform Room Calibration as well as select advanced Sound Mode settings to suit your media content. The Creative D3xm works with any compatible stereo Bluetooth® device and comes with an Aux-in jack for optional connection to other analog devices.

Start With One

Add More Bass

Get A Wider Sound Stage

The Ultimate Entertainment System

Ultimate flexibility

Your speaker configuration doesn't need to remain fixed forever. With the Creative Central app, it is now child's play to link additional Creative D3xm units wirelessly for an enhanced multi-channel listening experience, or a Creative DSxm subwoofer for added bass - all at your own pace. You can power a house party or enjoy theatre-like movies with a 3.1 system1, or for day-to-day music listening, just reconfigure it into smaller standalone systems which you can place anywhere and rearrange anytime!

Enjoy a wider soundscape

Enjoy a wider soundscape

The 'Multi-channel' mode expands the soundscape and offers a more realistic and immersive movie and music listening experience. You can now enjoy movies and music as if you're in the cinema or concert hall, right in the comfort of your own home!

Party Mode

Let's get the party started!

Fill your house with perfectly synchronized music in the aptly-named 'Party' mode. Up to three Creative D3xm speakers can blast the same song in unison, in different rooms!2 Throw in a Creative DSxm wireless subwoofer for enhanced bass and your party is underway.

Perfect audio in any room

Every room is different, so your music may not always sound optimal. The Creative D3xm, together with the Creative Central app's Room Calibration feature, adapts to your environment and calibrates the speaker to accommodate your room's acoustic profile, giving you the best possible audio performance. Click here for the list of phone models that are able to support the app's Room Calibration feature.

Sound Modes

To cater to the different audio and video genres, as well as varying audio quality of such content, we have created five customizable modes that optimize your listening experience. If, however, you prefer to enjoy the audio content in its original form, you can always turn it off.

Sound modes

Listen to music the way you like it

For music listening, the 'Vocals' sound mode puts strong emphasis on the vocal parts of your music, so you'll be able to hear the lyrics clearly. Alternatively, you can use 'Smart Volume' to dynamically boost up or suppress overly soft or loud music respectively.

A movie fan in all of us

Catch every line and whisper from your favorite movie with 'Clear Dialog', a sound mode that boosts the clarity of the dialog in movies. For action movie buffs, simply select 'Cinematic Action' for a more spacious playback and immerse yourself in all the excitement! And for late-night movie watching, select 'Night Mode' to effectively subdue sudden high-volume events, so you won't wake the neighborhood up!

Creative Central App

With the free downloadable Creative Central app for iOS and Android™, life is now made easier with extensive audio control right in the palm of your hand! Use it to adjust and control Creative D3xm's audio settings for Room Calibration, Sound Modes and Modular Setup.

Creative Central
Pair with any compatible stereo <em>Bluetooth</em> device

Pair with any compatible stereo Bluetooth device

Wirelessly stream music from any compatible stereo Bluetooth device3, such as your mobile phone or notebook, from a range of up to 10 meters from the speaker.

High-performance audio

High-performance audio

The speaker is equipped with efficient digital amplifiers that are professionally tuned to deliver striking accuracy and an unbeatable atmosphere.

Sleek one-piece chassis

Sleek one-piece chassis

Its neat, contemporary one-piece design not only minimizes vibrations, giving you the best audio experience, but also makes it a timeless addition to any audio setup, whether in your study or living room.

1 Supports a maximum of three Creative D3xm and one Creative DSxm wireless subwoofer.

2 At a distance of up to 30 meters, measured in open space.

3 Bluetooth A2DP-compliant devices.



The xm range brings clever linking and sound optimisation features to Creative's long-running series of Bluetooth speakers. They're neat, but what we like most about the Creative D3xm is what we've always liked about these speakers. They offer a great sound quality for the price and a carefully-judged sound signature... If you want a simple wireless speaker that'll work with just about anything, and that can also function as a TV speaker, you can't go far wrong with the Creative D3xm.

Creative D3xm


Customer Reviews

g. sweetman

The service from start to finish with creative was amazing,this product is fantastic,the sound is so crisp, and set up with sub woofer first class,easy set up as well

J. Ee

I'm not really an audiophile that is looking to spend thousands on a sound system. I just wanted something that is superior to the flat sound of my samsung TV speakers. Decided to try out the Creative brand of speakers (previously bought the Aurvana earphones and was satisfied with it). I found the speakers to be good value for money! Love the sound quality - it's clear, rich, and easily fills the room. The bass is pretty solid even without the DSxm, and with the DSxm, the sound is just awesome.

B. H. Lim

Fantastic sound at a great value. Simply easy to setup with the Bass Unit.

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Creative D3xm Modular Wireless speaker
  • Universal AC adapter
  • Power adapter cord(s)
  • Quick start leaflet
  • Warranty/Technical Support leaflet


1-year Limited Hardware Warranty

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